The glittering sophistication of Gota Patti July 14, 2016 19:38

The glittering sophistication of Gota Patti

Gota Patti work, the symbol of royal elegance for centuries in Rajasthan and a favorite of brides around the country, gives anyone adorning it a sheer sense of joy and pride. Historically called and even today Gota Patti work is also known as Aari tari or Zardozi.



Gotta is the Indian term referring to a thin ribbon made of gold, silver or metal thread and Patti is a fabric which runs like a lace and has designs and motifs on it.

Originating from Rajasthan, it is common part of folklore in their daily wear, and from there many designers have picked up to bring to you the best of such a rustic and true craft which is to make anyone happy. 



Gota patti is basically metallic, lustrous and bright embroidery crafted through the applique technique woven first as strips of silver, gold or other colorful ribbons of varied width. It is our own indigenous textile culture whose adornment gives you a sense of romancing the glorious past.


Base fabric and techniques

Various types of the base fabrics are used for applique work like georgette, chiffon in solid dyed, block printed, tie and dye fabric. The cloth work is generally fully complete before gota patti work begins on each fabric.


Gota patti is generally popular for stoles, turban edges, lehengas, kurtis, saree and even men’s kurtis and angrakhas.  In case of gotta patti, embroidery metal strands are passed through the needle in fabric all the way through chain stitch. The single metal wire called "badla", wound on threads called "kesav", bring up the most beautiful works of fabric. Polyester ribbons are commonly used for appliqué work. It is moisture resistant, cost effective and durable 

An artist’s work

Artisans work very hard to bring out the delight of Rajasthan in the form of beautiful gota patti works. The common materials used in this are -

Wooden frame: The Gota Patti work is done on Wooden or metallic frames which are also called adda over which base fabric is put tightly to provide uniform tension and that prevents pattern distortion and eases the work on fabric

 Needle: Awe or ari needle used for the process is a variety of the one used for crochet works too.

Other materials: like some stones and beads can also be incorporated in the process, and now a days many combinations of threads and ribbons make up the fabric even more attractive and eye catching. The other materials used with Gota Patti are dory, sitara, beads, sequins, stones etc.

Designs and Motifs

Designs and motifs for all gotta patti works is inspired from nature and its surroundings. In the technique of gota tukdi , gota is cut into shapes such as the flowers, mango, and  some animal motifs as elephant, camel, horse, peacock, parrot, sparrow. Geometric patterns and designs are also very common and are popular in this eye feasting tradition. Gota patti work involves the folding of these pattis designs or embroided and combining them to create elaborate motifs and patterns that are sewn onto turbans, garments, baskets and various other objects. Though fabric one is the epitome of all the craftsmanship.

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