Art of Kalamkari October 03, 2015 16:43

Kalamkari is a form of craft which involves free hand drawing and block printing on textiles. Kalam means pen and kari means craftsmanship, hence the name kalamakari. The kalamkari artists generally use natural dyes for their paintings. This art is used to make various products like sarees, dupattas, dresses, paintings, jewellery et al.

Various Indian fashion designers are using kalamkari frequently in their fashion week collections, some of the renowned ones are Gaurang Shah, Shashikant Naidu, Sabyasachi, Neeta Lulla.

Here are some of their works -

 kalamkari sareeA beautiful hand painted kalamkari saree by Sabyasachi

Kalamkari DupattaKalamkari Dupatta

Kalamkari Suits and SareesKalamkari Apparel by Shashikant Naidu
Kalamkari Dress
Kalamkari Dress by Neeta Lulla
Kalamkari JacketKalamkari Jacket
Kalamkari DupattaKalamkari Dupatta by The Loom
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