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Pink city, also called the city of extremes, at it has all that it takes to take your experiences to the extremes of hospitality, taste and adventure. The capital of a land rich famous for its splendor, art, history and culture has allured us all for ages. But what does this mesmerizing city hold the most special in itself? Let’s take a little digital tour here of the things you should never miss in Jaipur next time you are here.




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Amber Fort

The most famous of all forts in India, is one of the finest examples of architectural marvel. Open from 9 am to 5:30 pm the fort opens its gates for all visitors. Suraj Pole, the sun facing royal entrance to the fort, is one of the classic blends of Hindu and Mughal architecture. An elephant ride up to Amber Fort is an experience in itself and also provides a livelihood to absolute must. It’s an exhilarating experience to ride up along the cobbled path to the magnificent Fort astride an equally majestic elephant. Watching the Light and Sound Show at the Amber Fort is also a great way to spend an evening in Jaipur.





Abhaneri or PannaMeenakaKund

PannaMeenaKaKund, also known as Abhaneri or PannaMian Ki Baoli, is an eight storey step well. Built in the 16th century, by Gurjarpratihar king SamratMihirBhoj, the sight storey well has criss-cross steps arranged on three sides with small niches created into the walls. Not only did the step well served as a source of water, it was also the place of community gathering where people would come to chat. Relax or swim in the cool waters. Due to its architectural splendor and its intricate unique design, it is now one of the most visited tourist spots in and around Jaipur.





Haveli Tour

Do take a walking tour of Hawelis that have stood time and yet kept the richness alive. This is the best way to explore traditions of this walled city, and experience the life of local communities, their religious practices, food and daily habits. The Hawelis are no less an architectural wonder, and offer the ambience of the rustic heritage. It’s a walk to remember.





One of the major attractions and picturesque landmarks of this heritage city is HawaMahal. This five-storey beautiful palace built of red and pink sandstone was constructed in 1799 by Maharaja SawaiPratap Singh who belonged to Kachhwaha Rajput dynasty. Its beauty and attraction mainly comes from its pyramid shape and the 953 windows or 'Jharokhas' which are decorated with intricate designs. They were made to facilitate the royal women and provide them a view of everyday life through the windows, as they were never allowed to appeared in public.The palace is beautiful and a must visit if you’re in Jaipur.



JantarMantar Observatory

JantarMantar is an astronomical observatory site built in the early 18th century, it is considered to be one of the largest observatories ever built. It includes a set of some 20 main fixed instruments among others. It was designed for the observation of astronomical positions with the naked eye. It is one of the most well preserved historic observatories and is now one of the world heritage sites. It is an expression of the astronomical skills and cosmological concepts of the court of a scholarly prince at the end of the Mughal period - Maharaja Jai Singh 


Shoppers Paradise in Pink City

Many markets are famous for their unique products and crafts in this city –


  • Johari Bazaar is the place to shop from for wedding lehengas with tie and dye, hand embroidery, mirror and kundan work to delicate and dazzling pieces of jewelry.
  • A walk in Bapu Bazaar gives the feel and essence of historic pink city.
  • Nehru Bazaar offers exquisite perfumes, pottery and textiles to trinkets and traditional jootis,
  • Kishanpol Bazaar where you can test your bargaining skills to strike a good deal for all kinds of traditional Rajisthani products.
  • Tripolia Bazaar is the one for our favorite clothing, rich textiles and crafts.
  • I. Road has the Emporia Complex where you can buy decorative and traditional artwork for your home. The huge array of clothes, jewelry, textiles, carpets, artifacts and ornamented handicrafts available here is fascinating.



So your trip to the majestic historic city that breathes crafts is surely incomplete without visiting these lovely shopping paradises. You won't resist coming home with your hands full of shopping bags and heart full of happiness!


Get an intriguing, culturally rich, colorful and vibrant holiday this time in Jaipur. A destination which you haven’t yet added to your bucket list, then its surely missing something.


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